Thursday, February 7, 2013

Macroeconomics 11th Edition by Roger A. Arnold

Macroeconomics 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Roger A. Arnold sets the standard for clear, balanced, and thorough coverage of the principles of economics. Packed with intriguing pop culture examples, the tenth edition is revised to include the most comprehensive coverage of the financial and economic crisis available in principles of economics text.

With new content reflecting a changing economy and new resources addressing the needs of a changing classroom, this book is an ideal solution for principles courses. This text features two entirely new video types - Video Questions and Problems and Working with Diagrams. Video Questions and Problems videos walk you through a worked problem, similar to those found at the end of each chapter, providing an ideal study tool for reference as you do homework.

Working with Diagrams videos demonstrate key concepts in short (averaging 3-5 minutes) video pieces that can be played and replayed to see how the graphs and other diagrams are built. It focuses an entire chapter on the financial crisis. Covering all aspects of the crisis from its historical roots and various factors that contributed to the breakdown to policy responses from the government, this chapter brings together the context and direction that instructors and students are asking for in economic analysis of the recent crisis.

Video Office Hours videos feature Roger Arnold as he walks students through key concepts and graphs in each chapter. Using innovative video and whiteboard technology, the author provides both short concept pieces and longer lectures for each chapter, talking through the concepts just as he would in class and displaying on the whiteboard lecture points and demonstrating graphs. Students can play and replay the lectures as often as needed to review concepts.

Office Hours feature emulates the kinds of questions students bring to instructors after class. Office Hours explores key concepts such as how the money supply works; the purpose of the PPF; whether price ceilings are really good or bad for consumers; and the purpose of the AD/AS framework.

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