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Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 7e

Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Norman M. Scarborough provides practical content to anyone interested in starting their own business. With a practical, “hands on” approach to entrepreneurship, this text aims to provide readers with the knowledge and tools they need to launch a business so that it has the greatest chance for success.

This book keeps pace with the fast-growing and ever-changing world of entrepreneurship by including updated content, statistics, and examples, as well as new cases and a new sample business plan. Updated with several new Real-World examples, this edition allows students to see how entrepreneurs are putting the text’s material into action.

The business founders featured in these examples reflect the diversity that makes entrepreneurship a vital part of the global economy. Overall, these examples help students remember key concepts in the course and are easy to spot within the material. Many courses in entrepreneurship and small business management require students to propose and write business plans. And since students often find it helpful to have a model to refer to as they build their plans, Think Archimedes—an innovative student development business—is included in this text and on the Companion Website as a helpful example for students to follow.

Ethics issues impact all types of businesses, including entrepreneurial. This text encourages students to think about and discuss potential ethics issues they may face in the “Ethics and Entrepreneurship” feature. Covering several topics about small companies, these cases challenge students to think critically on the concepts covered in the text. From developing a business strategy and building a brand to protecting intellectual property and financing a business, these cases are ideal for either individual or group assignments.

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Business Management 13th Edition by James L. Burrow

Business Management 13th Edition PDF Download Ebook. James L. Burrow and Brad Kleindl approach business operations from the entrepreneurial and management perspective. Finance, marketing, and human resources are some of the topics explored. A new introductory chapter has been added that provides an overview of management, discusses the history of management, and compares management approaches and philosophies.

An additional new chapter focuses on data analysis and decision-making, demonstrating the importance of math, statistics, and quantitative decision-making. This book provides business management concepts and principles in a realistic, investigative, and enriching manner. All the functions of business management are covered extensively, including the use of technology and communication as tools of business.

Enjoy exploring the global dimension of business and possible career opportunities as this text brings the world of business to your class. A new introductory chapter has been added that provides an overview of management, discusses the history of management, and compares management approaches and philosophies.

An additional new chapter focuses on data analysis and decision-making, demonstrating the importance of math, statistics, and quantitative decision-making. New technologies including social media are addressed within the lessons making the information more relevant and interesting for students. COURSEMATE, for the instructor who wants to be able to monitor student access and time on task, is a great way to identify students at risk. This new supplement includes interactive teaching and learning tools, quizzing, videos, flashcards, and more.

21ST CENTURY SKILLS content has been added throughout the text, incorporating the framework for 21st Century Learning, helping students learn the essential skills for success in today's world, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. MATH concepts and applications have been added to emphasize the importance of math in business today. A SPANISH GLOSSARY has been added.

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Management 12th Edition by John R. Schermerhorn

Management 12th Edition PDF Download Ebook. John R. Schermerhorn allows you to present the most current material, help students apply theory and show relevance of management concepts in the real world—so your student will succeed in your course and beyond.

This text is thoroughly updated while maintaining its trusted, balance of concepts and applications. It arms managers with the business tools they’ll need to succeed. The text presents managerial concepts and theory related to the fundamentals of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling with a strong emphasis on application. It offers new information on the changing nature of communication through technology.

Focus is also placed on ethics to reflect the importance of this topic, especially with the current economic situation. This includes all new ethics boxes throughout the chapters. An updated discussion on the numerous legal law changes over the last few years is included as well. Managers will be able to think critically and make sound decisions using this text because the concepts are backed by many applications, exercises, and cases.

Ethics coverage has been moved to an earlier part in the book. All of the Real Ethics sections have been rewritten to reflect today's business environment. Learning From Others is a brand new chapter opening feature that places the chapter content in the context of real people and organizations. Students are provided with information and insight and are asked to engage in a process of self reflection.

Integrated cases focus on fascinating companies such as Zara International, Netflix, Facebook , and Pixar. Each case includes new questions that relate the case specifically to the chapter content and extend the students’ understanding and abilities in applying chapter content to real situations. Learning About Yourself chapter opening feature focuses on a critical personal skill or characteristic relevant to the chapter content.

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Management 11th Edition, Stephen Robbins and Coulter

Management 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter show management theories by incorporating real-life perspectives from a myriad of managers on their greatest challenges and successes. The new features further integrate real managers’ experiences into the text, helping students understand more clearly what being a manager is all about.

Interactive Lessons are designed for learners who benefit from a more visual/interactive approach. These lessons feature questions and answers and can be used as starting points. They can even serve as customized feedback in student study plans. Unique mini-simulations use adaptive technology to allow students to make management decisions and see the impact of their decisions. Mini-simulations help students practice concepts.

Every chapter opens with an individual Manager’s Dilemma. Students are asked to put themselves into the shoes of that manager and answer the question, “What would you do?” Students observe and learn how management theory can be applied to manager’s dilemmas. This real world connection helps students realize that there are a number of responses to any one challenge that they will likely encounter in their own professional lives.

Chapter Openers introduce the managers being featured throughout the text as they discuss their management styles and philosophies. This feature offers students an opportunity to begin to consider what their own management style may be. Managers weigh in on various topics throughout the chapter so that students can understand the challenges managers face, how they handle them, and how those challenges relate to key concepts presented in the chapter.

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Management: A Practical Introduction 6th Edition, Kinicki

Management: A Practical Introduction 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams have created a highly readable introductory management text with a truly unique student-centered layout that has been well received by today’s visually oriented students.

The authors present all basic management concepts and principles in “bite-size” chunks, 2- to 6-page sections, to optimize student learning and also emphasize the practicality of the subject matter. In addition, instructor and students are given supported by a wealth of classroom-tested resources. This text has been completely updated to reflect the most current research and include the most current developments and examples.

Emphasizing the increasingly important topic of sustainability issues to managerial success, Chapter 1 includes new material on managing for sustainability, Chapter 6 includes an example of a small business that makes all products out of recycled materials, and Chapter 10 discusses the practice of "greenwashing", making misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product.

Ethical Dilemmas present ethical situations (often based on real events) and asks students how they would handle them. New Ethical Dilemmas challenge students to deal with issues such as holding automobile business executives responsible for product defects (Ch. 2); forcing executives to donate some of their pay to charity (Ch. 9); targeting the homeless for admittance into for-profit universities (Ch. 10).

In order to reinforce comprehension of terminology within context, a case example from the text is included that illustrates key terms from the chapter. Students will then be provided with 6 multiple-choice questions that bridge the content from the case to the mastery of terminology. Students will be asked to categorize information by assigning items to specific fields within a chart. Students will then be asked to analyze the chart created with 6 multiple-choice questions.

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Management 11th Edition by Richard L. Daft

Management 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Richard L. Daft explores the emerging themes and management issues most important for managers in businesses today. Future and current managers learn to look beyond traditional techniques and ideas to tap into a full breadth of management skills.

Richard Daft helps you build better managers for today and tomorrow with the latest managerial theories based on established research, engaging contemporary applications, and a wealth of cutting-edge exercises and examples. Students develop a strong managerial foundation, organized around the four functions of management and supported by a seamless blend of theory and applications within the pages of each chapter.

Unique photo essays, challenging cases, and topics not typically found in other management texts help students build the innovative skills to manage successfully throughout turbulent times in business today. Fresh management ideas and the best practices blend with traditional theory as this book - recognized for its quality and trusted for its strong content - once again puts management into practice with proven exercises and learning features that support the book's research orientation and tightly connect concepts.

A complete supplement package helps ensure your students reach their full management potential with an all-new video package featuring Hollywood film scenes that demonstrate management principles in action. The innovative new CengageNOW online course management and learning system saves time in assigning homework and grading, while offering personalized learning paths to ensure your students develop the management skills they need for success today and tomorrow.

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Essentials of Negotiation 5th Edition by Roy Lewicki

Essentials of Negotiation 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry and David Saunders explore the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution.

Twelve of the 20 chapters from the main text have been included in this edition, several chapters having been condensed for this volume. Those condensed chapters have shifted from a more research-oriented focus to a more fundamental focus on issues such as critical negotiation subprocesses, multiparty negotiations, and the influence of international and cross-cultural differences on the negotiation process.

New sections of the text include discussions on the relationship between power and BATNA, power relationships in salary negotiation, and conflict resolution in effective and ineffective teams. Learning objectives have been added to each chapter to highlight specific areas of focus and the boxes have been revised to contain current relevant cases and guidelines important to the field of negotiation.

Expanded sections on framing dynamics and on the planning process show how parties frame the conflict, and how they prepare for negotiation, have been demonstrated as essential for understanding how a dispute evolves. There are revised chapters on integrative negotiation, cognitive biases, power, ethics in negotiation, and processes by which negotiating parties can resolve their own disputes.

The text explores major concepts and theories of bargaining and negotiation in a succinct format. It is relevant to the broad spectrum of negotiation problems that are traditionally faced by managers. The full chapter on the Nature of Negotiation (chapter 1) provides an important overview and introduction to the topic of negotiation. Application Boxes and cartoons make the text more enjoyable and readable.

This book can be used as either a stand-alone text or in combination with its newly revised companion book, Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases, Sixth Edition, to form a comprehensive learning system.

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Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers

Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers PDF Download Ebook. Michael Watkins presents principles that apply to any negotiation situation and tools to achieve breakthrough results. It is definitive guide to negotiating in any business situation.

Step by step, this book demonstrates how to diagnose a situation, build coalitions, manage internal decision making, persuade others, organize a deal cycle, and create strategic alliances. Watkins also explains how to prevent disputes from poisoning deals. It deserves a spot on every negotiator's bookshelf. Watkins has written a comprehensive guide that makes the daunting task of negotiation approachable for everyone.

The best negotiators often seem to be guided by instinct, but Michael Watkins reveals powerful principles that can increase anyone's effectiveness in negotiation. He lays out a clear framework for conducting complex negotiations so you can ask the right questions and focus on the right issues. He then demonstrates how the framework applies to a variety of real-world dynamic situations. A simple negotiation is a rarity.

The hallmarks of most business negotiations are multiple parties and issues, shifting interests, and relentless time pressure. Watkins's unique systems-analysis technique is a powerful tool for managing fluid and intricate situations. His emphasis on identifying the fundamentals and analyzing their interactions will equip you to become an architect of negotiation structure and process and to achieve your long-term goals.

A practical and much-needed resource, this textbook offers helpful case histories, concrete rules and guidelines, applications, and a wealth of handy negotiation tools. I highly recommend this book. It is a rare gem that brings academic rigor to the real world. Even the most experienced negotiator will find much that is fresh and enjoyable here.

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The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator 5th Edition, Thompson

The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Leigh Thompson provides an integrated view of what to do and what to avoid at the bargaining table, facilitated by an integration of theory, scientific research, and practical examples. This edition contains new examples and chapter-opening sections, as well as more than a hundred new scientific articles on negotiations.

You can delve into the mind and heart of the negotiator in order to enhance negotiation skills. This text is dedicated to negotiators who want to improve their ability to negotiate–whether in multimillion-dollar business deals or personal interactions. Each chapter opens with a case study or actual business situation.

More than 122 new examples from the business world have been added since the last edition. Many of the concepts in the chapters are supplemented with illustrations and examples drawn from actual negotiations–both contemporary and historical. Every chapter of this edition has a new opening section that illustrates a real negotiation.

This text provides practical take-away points for the manager and executive. For example, chapter 4 on integrative negotiation contains a series of hands-on principles that have been proven to increase the value of negotiated deals. This text also includes the stories from several students and clients who have written to the author, explaining how the tools in this text have aided their actual business negotiations.

The second and third sections of this text deal with complex, yet commonly occurring negotiating situations, such as negotiating with agents, mediation and arbitration, negotiating via email and conference calls, negotiating with competitor companies, and of course, negotiating cross-culturally. In order to test their own intuition and approach, multiple examples have been included for students.

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Negotiating Essentials: Theory, Skills, and Practices

Negotiating Essentials: Theory, Skills, and Practices PDF Download Ebook. Michael R. Carrell and Christina Heavrin offer lively and interesting approach and incorporates several unique features that focus on “real world” negotiation cases. These features include cartoons like the popular Zits series, offering the reader a humorous but realistic viewpoint as well as many practical bargaining tactics and tips.

All chapters include many boxed items and discussions of actual negotiations to illustrate major concepts and make them more accessible to students. This text is aimed for graduate or undergraduate upper-division courses in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, or Labor Relations, which can be found in various departments such as business, law, education, engineering, psychology, and public administration.

A major goal of the authors was to write a book that could be easily utilized in a variety of courses and would be universally appealing to students of all majors. To enhance the readability, they intentionally chose a “conversational writing style” rather than a traditional “textbook style” to engage students of various different backgrounds.

Everyone has the opportunity to become an effective negotiator by mastering and routinely applying a certain set of concepts, skills, and practices, which are presented throughout the book. Each chapter opens with the description of a set of Negotiation Skills which are presented three times in the chapter: defined at the beginning; explained and applied within the chapter; and applied to the Learning Exercise at the end of each chapter.

Summing Up features, located at the end of every chapter, challenge the reader to apply each of the skills presented to a negotiation situation in their own professional or personal life. This immediate application of new skills cements students’ understanding and brings the concepts to life for students.

Learning Exercise features conclude each chapter. These exercises enable the student to apply the negotiation skills presented in the chapter to an actual negotiation situation that they will most likely encounter in the future, either personally or professionally.

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Negotiating For Dummies 2nd Edition by Donaldson

Negotiating For Dummies 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Donaldson and David Frohnmayer offer tips and strategies to help you become a more comfortable and effective negotiator. And, it shows you negotiating can improve many of your everyday transactions—everything from buying a car to upping your salary.

Unless you live alone in a cave, you spend a good part of each day negotiating – with your boss, your staff, your vendors, or clients, with your spouse, your kids, and even your neighbor with the rambunctious rottweiler. Negotiating is all about getting what you want in life. And whether it’s closing a multimillion-dollar deal, buying a home, or debating body-piercings with your teenager, the basic negotiating skills required are always the same.

You’d be surprised how quickly you can master those skills, with the right coach to guide you, and you’d be amazed at how you’re life can be transformed once you do. This book offers a new approach to getting what you want in life, based on personal integrity and persuasion, not tricks and coercion.

In plain English, master negotiators Michael and Mimi Donaldson explain the six steps to successful negotiations and arm you with tested-in-the-trenches techniques that help you get people to do what you want without threats or deceit, always negotiate from a position of strength and achieve win-win results in every negotiation.

You will find out how to develop a negotiating style, map out the opposition, set goals and limits, listen, then ask the right question, interpret body language, say what you mean with crystal clarity, deal with difficult people, push the pause button and close the deal.

While this book holds many business applications, it shouldn't be limited to business alone: chapters cover a variety of applications and cover all angles of business negotiation skills and their applications to real life. From developing listening abilities to drawing lines and setting goals, this packs in valuable hints.

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Influence: Science and Practice 5th Edition, Cialdini

Influence: Science and Practice 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Robert B. Cialdini combines evidence from experimental work with the techniques and strategies he gathered while working as a salesperson, fundraiser, advertiser, and in other positions inside organizations that commonly use compliance tactics to get us to say “yes.”

Widely used in classes, as well as sold to people operating successfully in the business world, the eagerly awaited revision of Influence reminds the reader of the power of persuasion. Cialdini organizes compliance techniques into six categories based on psychological principles that direct human behavior: reciprocation, consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity.

Author examines the science and practice of persuasion and compliance. Praised for its enjoyable writing, practical suggestions, and scientifically documented content, prior editions have been widely read by business professionals, fundraisers, and those interested in psychology. The new edition includes twice as many first-hand accounts of how the book’s principles apply to business and personal lives; updated coverage of popular culture and new technology; and more on how compliance principles work in many cultures.

This marvelous book explains in clear, practical language the ways in which we become persuaded. It offers excellent insights for those who sell, but even more importantly for all of us who negotiate and buy.

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Supply Chain Management 5th Edition by Sunil Chopra

Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl show the key drivers of good supply chain management in order to help readers understand what creates a competitive advantage. The fifth edition continues to increase the focus on global supply chain.

This book employs a strategic framework that identifies and illustrates facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing and pricing as the key drivers of supply chain performance in order to help students understand what creates a competitive advantage. The concepts discussed in the text are supplemented with a variety of global examples that show how a combination of strategies is needed to achieve significant increases in performance.

A strong coverage of analytic skills is also provided so that students can gauge the effectiveness of the techniques described in the text. Case studies explain how companies are successfully using the key drivers of the supply chain. Several new mini-cases have been included throughout the text. Key points in the chapters summarize the important concepts studied.

Indian examples from Jaipur Rugs, Asian Paints, Simbhaoli Sugar, Subhiksha and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories contextualize discussions. This edition focuses on designing global supply chains and provides a detailed example that looks at the on-shoring/off-shoring decision as a real option in the context of uncertainty.

A new chapter on sustainability and the supply chain introduced in this edition helps students understand the role of sustainability, measure it and identify opportunities for improving it in the supply chain drivers. Appendices contain additional information, including topics such as safety inventory calculations and inventory cost consequences of variability demand.

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Operations Management 11th Edition, William Stevenson

Operations Management 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. William Stevenson offers up-to-date coverage of current topics and industry trends, while preserving the core concepts that have made the text the market leader in this course for over a decade. Stevenson’s careful explanations and approachable format support students in understanding the important operations management concepts as well as applying tools and methods with an emphasis on problem solving.

Through detailed examples and solved problems, short cases and readings on current issues facing businesses, and auto-gradable end of chapter problems and application-oriented assignments available in Connect Operations Management, students learn by doing, and the Eleventh Edition continues to offer more support for 'doing Operations' than any other.

The material in this book is intended as an introduction to the field of operations management. The topics covered include both strategic issues and practical applications. Among the topics are forecasting, product and service design, capacity planning, management of quality and quality control, inventory management, scheduling, supply chain management, and project management.

There are major pedagogical features designed to help students learn and understand the material. This section describes the key features of the book, the chapter elements, the supplements that are available for teaching the course, highlights of the eleventh edition, and suggested applications for classroom instruction.

The sequence of chapters has been changed to improve the flow. A tutorial has been added on working with the normal distribution. A list of key points has been added to every chapter. Linear programming is now a chapter rather than a chapter supplement, to allow more flexibility on when and where it is used. There is added emphasis on ethics in every chapter. Throughout the text, there are new, updated readings and photos to provide students with a motivating view of the critical importance of operations management today.

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The Six Sigma Handbook 3rd Edition by Thomas Pyzdek

The Six Sigma Handbook 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Thomas Pyzdek and Paul Keller show step by step, how to integrate this profitable approach into your company's culture. Co-written by an award-winning contributor to the practice of quality management and a successful Six Sigma trainer, this hands-on guide features: cutting-edge, Lean Six Sigma concepts integrated throughout, completely revised material focused on project objectives.

Updated and expanded problem-solving examples using Excel and Minitab, this book offers streamlined format that puts proven practices at your fingertips. It is the only comprehensive reference you need to make Six Sigma work for your company. The book explains how to organize for Six Sigma, how to use customer requirements to drive strategy and operations, how to carry out successful project management, and more.

You learn all the management responsibilities and actions necessary for a successful deployment, as well as how to dramatically improve products and processes using DMAIC and DMADV, use Design for Six Sigma to create innovative products and processes, incorporate lean, problem-solving, and statistical techniques within the Six Sigma methodology to avoid common pitfalls during implementation.

The Six Sigma has evolved with the changing global economy, and this book is your key to ensuring that your company realizes significant gains in quality, productivity, and sales in today's business climate. Thomas Pyzdek is a Six Sigma consultant with 30 years of experience in the field.

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Industrial Megaprojects: Concepts, Strategies and Practices for Success

Industrial Megaprojects: Concepts, Strategies and Practices for Success PDF Download Ebook. Edward W. Merrow explains the underlying causes of over-budgeted, delayed, and unsafe megaprojects: poor project management, destructive team behaviors, weak accountability systems, almost pathological focus on the short-term, and the unwillingness to invest in deep technical expertise.

More than half of large-scale building projects, such as drilling platforms, chemical plants, or dams, have miserably poor results: billions of dollars in overruns, long delays in design and construction, and poor operability once they are finally completed. Occasionally, these fiascos make the news, but for obvious reasons, companies usually bury the disasters with as little publicity as possible.

Yet, management at the companies knows full well the complexity and the difficulty faced when mounting megaprojects. Modern life as we know it relies on the success of these projects. Leaders and stakeholders of future megaprojects would be wise to heed the warnings and take note of the best practices outlined in this book.

Author gives you a clear, nontechnical understanding of why these major projects get into trouble, and how your company can prevent hazardous and costly errors when undertaking such large technical and management challenges. This book examines effects of poor project management, destructive team behaviors, weak accountability systems, short-term focus, and lack of investment in technical expertise.

Author is the CEO of the leading consulting firm for evaluating billion-dollar projects. Companies worldwide are rethinking their large-scale projects. This book is your essential guide for this rethink, offering the tools and principles that are the true foundation of safe, cost-effective, successful megaprojects.

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Essentials of Inventory Management 2e, Max Muller

Essentials of Inventory Management 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Max Muller gives inventory professionals the information they need to maximize productivity in key areas, from physical stock issues to problem identification and resolution to technologies like RFID and other automated inventory mechanisms.

Perfect for novice and veteran managers alike, this ultra-practical book covers topics such as: forecasting and replenishment strategies; differences between retail and manufacturing inventories; materials requirements planning and just-in-time inventory systems; simple formulas for calculating quantities and schedules; management of inventory as a physical reality and a monetary value; and, supply chain risk management.

Complete with detailed examples, handy tools, and a revised and expanded chapter analyzing 'Why Inventory Systems Fail and How to Fix Them', this nontechnical yet thorough guide is perfect for both instructional and on-the-job use.

Perfect for both instructional and on-the-job use, this nontechnical yet thorough guide helps you understand business realities and to make decisions that balance current demand with future needs while keeping overhead and operating costs to a minimum.

Focusing on daily-use inventory concepts and enabling you to analyze and fix dysfunctions when they occur, the book provides the tools and practical guidance you need to forecast inventory levels and undertake stock replenishment so you have the right items, in the right quantities, at the right time, and in the right place.

You can apply simple formulas to compute breakeven points, profit margins, markups and markdowns, as well as selling price and margin percentages. You use financial ratios to improve the operation of your business to manage inventory as physical and database object, set up effective stock locator systems and implement efficient item placement theories.

You can consider the differences between finished-goods (retail) inventories and raw materials or work-in-process (manufacturing) inventories by deciding when to dispose of dead stock, choose the right cycle counting method for your organization and use it to head off long-range problems.

From physical stock issues to problem identification and resolution to technologies like RFID and other automated inventory mechanisms, it is a no-nonsense, how-to-get-it-done-right guide every inventory manager will turn to again and again.

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Operations Management 6th Edition, Slack and Chambers

Operations Management 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers and Robert Johnston offer an engaging writing style, and an interesting collection of cases combine to communicate the importance of managing operations and processes within a successful organization.

This book provides a strategic perspective, whilst also examining the practical issues which organisations face on a day to day basis. It uses over 120 examples from all over the world, reflecting the balance of economic activity between services (c.75%) and manufacturing (c.25%) operations. Authors focus on the sustainable and socially responsible imperatives of operations management.

There are over 120 cases and illustrations of real-life operations around the world, including greater emphasis on ‘process management’, making the discipline directly relevant to all areas of an organisation’s activity. Worked examples give you confidence in applying quantitative and qualitative problem-solving techniques.

And you get exclusive access to online resources in MyOMLab, which will enable you to check your understanding, apply knowledge and techniques, and prepare for exams and assessments – all in your own time and at your own pace. New and revised case studies are within and at the end of chapters.

Full matrix of case studies are used in the book, listing the company name and size, region, and sector/activity it falls into, enabling you to successfully plan your teaching. Operations in Practice boxes bring to life the operational issues faced by real businesses. Critical Commentaries show a diversity of viewpoints in this wide-spanning discipline, encouraging class debate. Short cases help to consolidate students' learning of major themes. End of chapter case studies serve as illustrations or as the basis of class discussions.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Contemporary Strategy Analysis 8th Edition, Robert Grant

Contemporary Strategy Analysis 8th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Robert M. Grant combines a highly accessible writing style with a concentration on the fundamentals of value creation and an emphasis on practicality. Author includes an even greater focus on strategy implementation that reflects the needs of firms to reconcile scale economies with entrepreneurial flexibility, innovation with cost efficiency, and globalization with local responsiveness.

The latest edition also incorporates some of the key strategic challenges of today including: post-financial crisis adjustment; the continuing rise of China, India, and Brazil; and the increased emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Additional coverage is provided on strategy adopted by not-for-profit organizations.

This book stands up by its clarity and completeness. Its fluid style and vivid case examples will help students of strategic management, at all levels, to easily grasp even the most complex issues. Strategic management is more than just analytical tools, it is also about content, and an up-to-date content is one of the key strength of this new text.

This text provides a clear and coherent conceptual framework for strategy analysis, accessible to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Whilst there are many texts that consider strategy, this is one of the very few that successfully blends contemporary theory with examples of practice, to both inform the understanding of the topic and develop relevant applied skills in the reader. When used with the supporting cases text, they provide an excellent rich and discursive environment for the study of modern strategy.

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Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers 5e, Wisniewski

Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Mik Wisniewski covers everything you need to know for an introductory quantitative methods course. Relating techniques directly to real-life business decisions in private and public sector organisations, it is particularly well-suited to MBA students who will be applying quantitative methods in day-to-day managerial decision-making.

Thoroughly revised and with an ever-more reader-friendly design in this fifth edition, key features of the book include Student Activities with a solutions Appendix with fully worked examples and exercises supported by Excel data sets. There are “QMDM in Action” case studies illustrating how real-life organizations benefit from the use of quantitative techniques with a chapter on financial decision-making.

As a manager, developing a good understanding of the business analysis techniques at your disposal is crucial. Knowing how and when to use them and what their results really mean can be the difference between making a good or bad decision and, ultimately, between business success and failure.

Author makes numerical and statistical concepts understandable and brings them to life using excellent scenarios and case studies. This book was a valuable resource during my MBA studies and I am encouraging all my non-statistical colleagues and anyone who works with statistics or performance measurement data to read this book.

Appealing both to students on introductory courses for quantitative methods and MBA and post-experience students, this respected text provides an accessible, practical introduction to an area that students often find difficult.

Concentrating on helping students to understand the relevance of quantitative methods of analysis to managers' decision-making, it focuses on the development of appropriate skills and understanding of how the techniques fit into the wider management process.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases 9th Edition

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases 9th Edition PDF Download Ebook. O. C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich and Ferrell thoroughly cover the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Using a proven managerial framework, this accessible, applied text addresses the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs--helping readers see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions.

Thoroughly revised, the book incorporates coverage of new legislation affecting business ethics, the most up-to-date examples, and the best practices of high-profile organizations. It also includes 20 all-new or updated original case studies.

It is renowned for its signature approach--teaching business ethics from a managerial/organizational perspective. More important in today's economy than ever, this proven text emphasizes decision making, leadership, and strategy as it illustrates how to develop, implement, and audit an effective ethics program in a global environment.

Extremely timely, the text is completely revised and updated to reflect the latest in the global economic crisis. The issues associated with the recent economic meltdown compelled the authors to provide an updated discussion of ethics from a systemic perspective. The authors' insightful discussions equip students with an ethical understanding of what happened--how greed, excessive risk-taking, and the culture of focusing on rewards and the bottom line helped create the problem.

The text is packed with real-world, hands-on applications--placing students in the role of decision maker. An "Ethical Dilemma" at the opening of each chapter highlights a realistic situation and provides guided discussion questions on how the dilemma could be resolved. Chapter-ending "Resolving Ethical Business Challenges" are minicases that give students an opportunity to put what they have learned into action as they use their critical-thinking skills to address realistic ethical issues.

Role play cases in the Instructor's Resource Manual provide excellent culminating experiences to help students integrate concepts covered in the text. Cases are also effective as ongoing exercises to provide students with extensive opportunities for interacting and making ethical decisions.

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Download Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases PDF Ebook :

The Leadership Experience 5th Edition, Richard L. Daft

The Leadership Experience 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Richard L. Daft equips students with the critical leadership skills and solid understanding of today's theory they need to become effective business leaders in today's turbulent times. With this book, your students explore the latest leadership theory as well as contemporary practices in organizations throughout the world.

This edition more closely connects theory to recent world events, such as the Wall Street meltdown, ethical scandals, and political turmoil. Students examine emerging topics, including enhancing emotional intelligence, leading virtual teams, and open innovation. Packed with memorable examples and unique insights into leadership decisions, this edition reinforces the book's inviting presentation with new full-color visuals.

Proven applications, specifically designed for today's leadership theory and applications course, and a solid foundation grounded in established scholarly research make leadership come alive. Each chapter ends with a "Leadership at Work" experiential exercise that provides additional opportunities for students to face leadership challenges and test their abilities to apply the chapter's concepts. These proven exercises and feedback questionnaires provide an exceptional tool for students to assess their own personal leadership skills and progress as a developing leader.

Loaded with new, striking examples of leaders in both traditional and contemporary organizations, this edition opens each chapter with an example that launches the chapter's content. Additional "In the Lead" examples in each chapter spotlight activities within a wide variety of organizations ranging from education, the military and government to businesses and nonprofit groups.

Your students will remember key points as "Consider This!" boxes within each chapter offer personal and compelling pieces of timeless wisdom or inspiring quotes from famous leaders. This novel, interesting material helps expand students' thinking about today's leadership experiences. To help your students continue their learning beyond the classroom, each chapter highlights a recent book that relates to the chapter's content.

These "Leader's Bookshelf" features connect your students to the emerging issues and topics of importance that today's leaders are researching and discussing, whether in academia, business, military, or nonprofit organizations.

More details about this book...


Download The Leadership Experience PDF Ebook :

Friday, April 19, 2013

Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach 3e

Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Joel D. Wisner, G. Keong Leong and Keah-Choon Tan develop a solid understanding of purchasing, operations, logistics, and integration with the strong supply chain management focus.

This book presents extensive content not covered in other books. An expansive approach guides readers through the management stages of each supply chain activity while addressing real-world concerns related to the global supply chain. Readers follow the natural flow through the supply chain with one of the most balanced supply chain management approaches available.

Well-organized chapters and numerous new cases demonstrate practical applications of supply chain management in today's workplace, while intriguing profiles build on topics and ensure that readers cover today's most important contemporary supply issues in depth. One-of-a-kind coverage in this comprehensive text encompasses operations, purchasing, and logistics with a supply chain management focus.

You can introduce students to a wealth of important content not available in other books. This edition demonstrates how all aspects of supply chain activity are accomplished effectively and efficiently. To ensure understanding, the authors break down supply chain issues into purchasing, operations, logistics, and integration. This is one of the most balanced supply chain management texts available, as it follows a natural flow through the supply chain, further encouraging student comprehension.

Well-organized chapters throughout this edition highlight excellent case studies that clearly demonstrate the practical applications of supply chain management in today's workplace. Intriguing profiles throughout the text reinforce the cases and further ensure student learning. Numerous new cases in this edition expand on the book's previous 22 cases.

Each of the book's 14 chapters addresses some of today's most recent developments with revised and updated Supply Chain Management in Action opening features, e-Business Connections, and Global Perspectives. Captivating company examples throughout the edition ensure that current supply issues are covered in depth.

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Download Principles of Supply Chain Management PDF Ebook :

Logistics Management and Strategy 4th Edition, Harrison

Logistics Management and Strategy: Competing through the Supply Chain 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Alan Harrison and Remko Van Hoek disseminate knowledge and understanding of logistics in an easy-to-read way. While explaining with great clarity the theoretical concepts, it remains very pragmatic and close to business life through the use of concrete examples and well-chosen case studies.

This book provides concise, applied and strategic introduction to the subject of logistics and supply chain management, perfect for modern managers or students of logistics and supply chain management. Logistics and supply chain management continue to transform the competitive landscape and have become one of today’s key business issues.

This book continues to take a practical, integrated and international approach to logistics, and includes the very latest research to reflect the innovative and exciting developments in this subject area. It manages to examine logistics knowledge and understanding in depth while at the same time remaining not only very accessible but really pleasant to read.

Every chapter features case studies with study questions, activities and end of chapter discussion questions to help students explore logistical concepts in operational detail. Teaching support notes and PowerPoint slides for lecturers can be downloaded. Case studies with study questions draw together a number of issues and help you to think about how those issues are linked together in a practical setting.

Chapter summaries, Activities and Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter to help you to check that you have understood and absorbed the main points and to aid revision. Finally, its international perspective reflects the nature of logistics today.

This text is intended for MSc students on logistics courses, and as an accompanying text for open learning courses such as the global MSc degrees and virtual universities. It will also be attractive as a management textbook and as recommended reading on MBA options in logistics and supply chain management.

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Download Logistics Management and Strategy PDF Ebook :

Supply Chain Management Best Practices 2e, Blanchard

Supply Chain Management Best Practices 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. David Blanchard offers shows how to build supply chains that work by illustrating how leading companies are doing it. Identifying world-class supply chains in more than a dozen different industries and explaining in detail how these companies got to where they are, this essential book reveals the proven strategies, solutions, and performance metrics used by leading companies to design their extended enterprises.

This book identifies proven strategies, solutions, and performance metrics for supply chain management best practice benchmarks. It shows how to manage supply chains in a global marketplace and how to choose third-party providers. New edition includes new chapters on green supply chains and lean supply chains, and expanded analysis of emerging technologies.

Written by the Editorial Director of Penton Media's Supply Chain Group and a Contributing Editor to IndustryWeek magazine, this book includes coverage of supply chain metrics, planning and forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, globalization, customer service, collaboration, security, and workforce management.

It also offers guidance on the latest technology, green supply chains, going lean, how to choose third-party logistics providers, and how to manage the supply chain in a global environment. Packed with abundant anecdotes, interviews, case studies, research, and analysis, this resourceful book is strategically organized into three parts. Part I briefly introduces supply chain management with examples of best-in-class supply chains in various industries and proven methods for measuring the performance of a supply chain.

Part II presents the traditional core processes of supply chain management and discusses the best practices being followed by specific trend-setting companies within the global marketplace. Finally, Part III reveals the strategies, solutions, and technologies used by leading companies to design their extended enterprises, including up-to-the minute tips on going green and lean in your supply chain.

More details about this book...


Download Supply Chain Management Best Practices PDF Ebook :

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4e, Martin Christopher

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Martin Christopher offers complete guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains, including the link between logistics and customer value, logistics and the bottom line measuring costs and performance.

Effective development and management of your supply chain network will cut your costs and enhance your customer value. This is a sustainable source of advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace, where demand is difficult to predict and supply chains need to be more flexible as a result.

In fact, the real competition today is not between companies, but between supply chains. The winning approach to supply chains is an integrated perspective that takes account of networks of relationships, sustainability and product design, as well as the logistics of procurement, distribution, and fulfillment. This book examines the tools, core processes and initiatives that ensure businesses gain and maintain their competitive advantage.

There is a focus on planning models for production/inventory/distribution strategies in general multi-echelon multi-item systems. Topics include vehicle routing problems, dynamic lot sizing inventory models, stochastic and deterministic multi-echelon inventory systems, the bullwhip effect, pricing models, and integration problems arising in supply chain management. Probability and linear programming experience required.

This book shows guidelines for creating a responsive supply chain, managing the global pipeline, managing supply chain relationships, risk in the supply chain, matching supply and demand by creating a sustainable supply chain and product design in the supply chain.

More details about this book...


Download Logistics and Supply Chain Management PDF Ebook :

Distribution Channels: Understanding and Managing Channels to Market 2e

Distribution Channels: Understanding and Managing Channels to Market 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Julian Dent explores the chain that makes products and services available for market and explains how to make the most of each step of the process.

By defining the role and significance of the various partners involved, including distributors, wholesalers, final-tier channel players, retailers and franchise systems, the text provides a clear understanding of the entire go-to-market process, while also explaining channel partners' business models and how to engage with them for effective market access.

This book covers both the tactical and strategic dimensions of channel economics as well as containing information on accessing and servicing markets and customers, controlling brands, integrating web and online channels, building the value proposition and creating differentiation.

There are specific sections on the economics of working with Distributors (wholesalers), Final tier trade channel players. Retailers and Franchises, including sections on how to gain and build share with each type of channel, and which business measures to emphasize depending on whether the vendor is a new entrant or a market leader.

The section on Franchising, added in the latest edition, provides a rare insight into how large franchise systems work, how to gain access and how to position a supplier to build business with or through a major franchise system. Comprehensive and clear, this book provides the knowledge needed to improve a business model to ensure maximum market exposure and successful product delivery.

All of the content in this book has at some time or other been taught to people in real channel roles or distribution businesses, looking for insights, concepts, frameworks, heuristics and practical lessons that they can take away and apply. The book is written for the practitioner in industry, but is rigorous enough to have been adopted as a standard text in several universities teaching marketing and business courses.

More details about this book...


Download Distribution Channels PDF Ebook :

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management 4e

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher and Peter Baker offer revised materials and brand new chapters on supply chain segmentation, air transport, maritime transport and outsourcing. There is detailed discussion of the latest trends and issues that confront logistics.

This book will help in logistics manager s quest to improve service and reduce cost, as well as keeping them aware of the many different facets of logistics and the supply chain. It should be of interest to practicing managers and supervisors, to candidates undertaking examinations for the various professional institutes, and to students who are reading for degrees in logistics distribution and supply chain management.

This text covers the full scope of logistics and distribution, providing a broad strategic framework for planning as well as a clear and straightforward description of the basic functions and elements. This definitive handbook clearly explains: concepts of logistics and distribution; planning and logistics; procurement and inventory decisions; warehousing and storage; freight transport; operational management.

Intended, both as s reference for current logistics managers as well as a text for students, this updated edition includes new chapters on supply chain segmentation, air and marine transport, and the ever frequent decision to outsource. The latter can take place in a variety of areas, grouped here into the categories of warehousing, transport, and value added services. Although published in the UK and covering European Union legislation, most of the book is internationally applicable, treating standard issues of supply chain management.

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Download The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management PDF Ebook :

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small Business Management 16th Edition, Longenecker

Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures 16th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Justin G. Longenecker, J. William Petty, Leslie E. Palich and Frank Hoy describe the practical concepts, entrepreneurial insights, and comprehensive resources essential for students' success now and throughout your management future.

This edition's solid coverage of the fundamentals of business management teaches not only how to start a business, but also how to manage, grow, and harvest a business. This market leading text places students in the role of decision maker to sharpen their understanding. The book's thorough emphasis on building business plans ensures students can effectively create, manage, and analyze a plan for their own ventures.

A full section devoted to developing a thorough business plan ensures success. This book includes a full complement of chapters devoted to the essential tasks associated with developing a business plan. The authors ensure that students answer all of the tough questions in developing a business plan. Targeted questions within the chapters in Part 3 lead students through the process of building their own plans by focusing on the pertinent, not the peripheral. An in-text sample business plan gives students a finished product to dissect and analyze.

The integrated learning system coordinates text and supplements for a winning approach. Beginning with the "Looking Ahead" learning objectives that open each chapter, this book organizes information into distinct, focused, and comprehensible segments. Numbered icons in the text margins indicate where coverage related to each objective appears. All relevant content related to learning objectives is recapped in end-of-chapter "Looking Back" summaries.

Clearly presented finance chapters keep important financial information understandable and practical. Understanding and using financial information is frequently a challenge for both students and today's small business owners. Because knowing how to use and apply financial information is so critical for small business success, this edition's financial chapters provide careful attention to finance matters. What was previously one chapter on financial statements has been split into two chapters. The new material should help create a level playing field for the "non-accounting" student.

Unforgettable examples, exciting video cases, and coverage of the most current developments in business management today keep this engaging text and integrated learning system as current and practical now as it was when it led the market in its first edition 50 years ago. Authors provide the valuable understanding students will rely upon throughout their entire business careers.

More details about this book...


Download Small Business Management PDF Ebook :

Business and Society 14th Edition, Lawrence and Weber

Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy 14th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Anne T Lawrence and James Weber show why government regulation is sometimes required as well as new models of business-community collaboration. The authors believe that businesses have social (as well as economic) responsibilities to society; that business and government both have important roles to play in the modern economy; and that ethics and integrity are essential to personal fulfillment and to business success.

In addition, this textbook has long been popular with students because of its lively writing, up-to-date examples, and clear explanations of theory. Each chapter opens with a list of key learning objectives to help focus student reading and study. Numerous figures, exhibits, and real-world business examples (set as blocks of colored type) illustrate and elaborate the main points.

This guide has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest theoretical work in the field and the latest statistical data, as well as recent events. Among the new additions are new discussion of theoretical advances in stakeholder theory, corporate citizenship, public affairs management, corporate governance, social performance auditing, social investing, reputation management, business partnerships, and corporate philanthropy.

A glossary at the end of the book provides definitions for bold-faced and other important terms. Internet references, greatly expanded for this edition, and a full section-by-section bibliography guide students who wish to do further research on topics of their choice, and subject and name indexes help students locate items in the book.

This book addresses this complex agenda of issues and their impact on business and its stakeholders. It is designed to be the required textbook in an undergraduate or graduate course in Business and Society; Business, Government, and Society; Social Issues in Management; or the Environment of Business. It may also be used, in whole or in part, in courses in Business Ethics and Public Affairs Management. This new edition of the text is also appropriate for an undergraduate sociology course that focuses on the role of business in society or on contemporary issues in business.

Finally, this is a book with a vision. It is not simply a compendium of information and ideas. The new edition of Business and Society articulates the view that in a global community, where traditional buffers no longer protect business from external change, managers can create strategies that integrate stakeholder interests, respect personal values, support community development, and are implemented fairly.

More details about this book...


Download Business and Society PDF Ebook :

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 5th Edition, Noe

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Raymond Noe, John Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart and Patrick Wright provide a complete introduction to human resource management for the general business manager. This book is the most engaging, focused and applied HRM text on the market.

This book discusses the environmental forces that companies face in trying to effectively use their human resources. These forces include economic, technological, and social trends; employment laws; and work design. Employers typically have more control over work design than development of equal employment law and economic, technologic, or social trends, but all affect how employers attract, retain, and motivate human resources.

Chapter 1 discusses why HRM is a critical component to an organization’s overall success. Some of the major trends discussed in Chapter 2 include how workers continue to look for employment as the U.S. economy slowly moves from recession to recovery. Chapter 3 presents overview of the major laws affecting employees and the ways that organizations can develop HR practices that comply with the laws.

Chapter 4 shows how jobs and work systems determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employees need to provide products or services and influence employees’ motivation, satisfaction, and safety at work. The process of analyzing and designing jobs is also discussed. Chapter 5’s discussion on recruitment sources has been revised to reflect the increasing importance of online recruiting and the influence of social networks on job hunting and career networking.

Chapter 6 includes new company examples in the discussion of legal standards for employee selection and the use of references in job applications. The section on background checks for job applicants has been revised, and a new section on the impact of online job applications has been added.The discussion of transfer-of-training methodologies in Chapter 7 has been expanded, including how managers must continue to emphasize the importance of training before, during, and after implementation. The strategy of establishing communities of practice is also explored.

Details on the process of performance management are highlighted in Chapter 8, including a revised illustration that itemizes the six key stages of the process. The importance of an effective performance management process is discussed and how it contributes to a company’s overall competitive advantage. Chapter 9 provides an updated discussion about the process for developing a succession plan and measuring the plan’s effectiveness.

In Chapter 10, the section on alternative dispute resolution has been expanded and includes a detailed example of how Ford introduced a peer review process that vastly improved handling of complaints and disputes. A new section on employee engagement has also been added. New statistics on executive compensation, merit raise increases, and ESOP plans are provided in Chapters 11 and 12.

More details about this book...


Download Fundamentals of Human Resource Management PDF Ebook :

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Organizational Behavior 15th Edition, Robbins and Judge

Organizational Behavior 15th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge offer relevant research in a clear, reader-friendly writing style. Globally accepted and written by one of the most foremost authors in the field, this is a necessary read for all managers, human resource workers, and anyone needing to understand and improve their people skills.

This book has numerous changes and has added new content to keep the material fresh, relevant, and interesting to students. A new chapter on Managing Diversity (Chapter 2 Managing a Diverse Workforce) reflects cutting-edge research on this increasingly important topic. Streamlined content on Leadership (merge chapters 12 & 13) eliminates redundancy, yet introduces more material on the latest research and practical examples.

A new OB Poll graphic in each chapter communicates timely and interesting poll results in a visual format. A new Ethical Choice feature in each chapter presents prescriptive advice for situations involving ethics that can occur everyday in an organization. Brand New opening vignettes for each chapter to make sure readers are abreast of the latest innovations in research and practice.

New in-depth cases for each section provide a more holistic, integrative, and evidence-based perspective. Over half of the end-of-chapter cases have been updated. Developing a successful textbook is not only about content and research; it’s about making a text that’s interesting and concise for the reader. This text has both new and time-tested Learning Objectives that allow students to quickly grasp the main points in each chapter by highlighting core concepts in context.

More details about this book...


Download Organizational Behavior PDF Ebook :

Managing Human Resources 16th Edition, Snell and Bohlander

Managing Human Resources 16th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Scott A. Snell and George W. Bohlander show how human resources impacts both individuals and organizations. This text builds upon a foundation of research and theory with an inviting, practical framework that focuses on today's most critical HR issues and current practices.

The book's engaging writing style and strong visual design use more than 500 memorable examples from a variety of real organizations to illustrate key points and connect concepts to current HR practice. Fresh cases spotlight the latest developments and critical trends, while hands-on applications focus on practical tips and suggestions for success.

The students gain in-depth looks at how actual organizations handle human resource issues and functions. You'll find valuable chapter overviews and outlines, material for class discussion and ongoing student interest, topics warranting special attention, and exercises and discussion topics for student involvement. Appendices focus on presenting materials, initiating and sustaining class discussion, quizzing, testing, and dealing with problems unique to new instructors.

Learning features and examples focus on real, memorable examples from actual organizations to display how businesses and managers perform HR functions. This focus on real-world illustrations addresses both small businesses and international topics. No other book gives your students a more accurate look at the specific details and challenges in today's work environment. Students see how HR specialists work in partnership with line managers and team directors, and how the most effective managers incorporate HR policy into regular interactions with employees.

To better train and inform students who are, or will be, applying HR concepts in a full range of business situations, the authors have enhanced their focus on small businesses in this edition. Each chapter now includes a boxed feature called Small Business Application that explains how chapter concepts can be uniquely applied in a small business environment.

Studies show that when reading textbooks, students need to be re-engaged every three to four pages. That's why every main sub-topic within a chapter now kicks off with a thought-provoking question. These questions encourage students to analyze and evaluate what they're reading as they're reading it, and more importantly, empowers students to apply the material to real-life situations.

More details about this book...


Download Managing Human Resources PDF Ebook :